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Advice and tips:

- Reuse your used cardboard boxes

Smurfit Kappa's goal is to contribute to a world without waste by supporting the concept of circularity . As the demand for products and services grows, efficient use of resources and waste reduction are an important part of the UN's 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Smurfit Kappa contributes by using renewable and recycled resources and by focusing on efficiency in the use of energy and water.
Our packaging is produced efficiently and has the right weight to optimize efficiency and reduce the amount of waste. Our cardboard boxes in Systemkassen are made of 100% renewable and recyclable materials, and can be recycled 6-8 times. But in order for us to recycle the materials from the packaging, it is important that your used cardboard boxes are treated and sorted correctly. Therefore, here are a few easy tips on what you can do.

cardboard box

Here's how to put one together for use with your cardboard

1. Remove all plastic

The first thing you need to do is remove all the plastic, stickers or packing tape from the box so that the cardboard is ready to be recycled. If paper tape has been used to close the box, you can, however, safely recycle the tape together with the cardboard box, as the paper tape, like the cardboard, will be broken down. If you are in doubt about what the tape is made of, separate the tape from the package and throw it in your normal normal waste.

2. Fold the cardboard boxes together

Then you can press the cardboard boxes flat so that they are ready to get into your cardboard container. The cardboard should be so small that it does not get stuck and block the emptying. Do not push the cardboard boxes into the container as this will hinder the work of the garbage workers. Instead, fold the cardboard boxes or tear larger amounts of cardboard into smaller pieces. If you do not have a cardboard container at your address, you can drop off your cardboard packaging at the nearest recycling site.

3. Recycling

The cardboard boxes are now ready to be put in your cardboard container or recycled. In some municipalities, cardboard and paper are collected in the same container, after which it is taken to a plant which sorts it. Cardboard is then driven to one factory and paper to another. If you have a cardboard and paper container, simply throw your used cardboard boxes in it. If you have both a paper container and a cardboard container, your cardboard boxes are of course thrown in the cardboard container. However, be sure to store the cardboard dry as wet boxes will be stained and thus difficult to recycle. For larger amounts of cardboard, it is recommended that bales of corrugated cardboard be placed covered so that it does not get wet or too damp.
When you remember to handle your used cardboard boxes correctly, the materials can be recycled and become a cardboard box again.

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