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FSC Week 2020

In week 14, Systemkassen and Smurfit Kappa Denmark help to celebrate FSC week 2020 and together with companies and organizations throughout the country, we help to focus on sustainability and the importance of the world's forests. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international non-profit organization and labeling scheme for wood and paper, which originates from sustainable forestry.
The theme of this year's FSC Week is a global THANK YOU from forests around the world. The campaign should make it clear that when you buy FSC®-certified products, it has a positive impact on all the world's forests - not just the forest where your tree comes from. This is because no matter where your FSC wood comes from, you support the work of FSC® throughout the world, from Nordic coniferous forests to tropical rainforests.
As Smurfit Kappa is one of the world's largest manufacturers of paper-based packaging, we know that we have a great responsibility, and we therefore want to integrate sustainability into all the fibers of our business model. We have therefore also chosen that the majority of our products must be FSC®-certified, so that we can contribute to a more sustainable development in collaboration with an organization that takes care of the environment, people and economic conditions.

Why choose FSC®?

Du finder FSC®-mærket på produkter af træ og papir, som du kan købe med god samvittighed. FSC står for Forest Stewardship Council, og er en non-profit kontrolorganisation, for bæredygtig skovbrug. Mærkningsordningen sørger f.eks. for, at der i en FSC-skov ikke bliver fældet mere skov, end skoven kan nå at reproducere.Her finder du et overblik over Smurfit Kappas FSC® certifikater og trademark licencer for alle vores certificerede fabrikker.


Bæredygtigt pakketilbehør:

You will only find the FSC® mark on products made of wood and paper, which you can buy with a clear conscience. When you as a consumer or company choose FSC®-certified products, you help to ensure the nature and the social conditions in the forests from which the wood originates.
This is you, because in an FSC forest no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce, while FSC® ensures that animals and plant life are protected. In addition, you also support the culture and the forest owners financially, so that the sustainable chain is secured in the future. When you choose FSC®, you also help to provide education as well as proper pay and working conditions for the local forest workers.
By choosing FSC®, you thus show both environmental, social and financial responsibility!

FSC Week2020

How do I know if my packaging is FSC® certified?

All Systemkassen's cardboard boxes are made of FSC®-certified paper, which means that they come from sustainable forestry. As I said, our industry is a large and visible user of wood fibers. It is our basic raw material, and it is therefore also important that we help to ensure its origin. Here you will find an overview of Smurfit Kappas FSC® certificates and trademark licenses for all our certified factories.
Choose carefully and find your FSC®-certified packaging at Systemkassen.

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